Please find our packing catalog below. These are the current packing methods we offer that have been tested for safety and effectiveness.

We can also design a new packing method based on your request. Our factory and staff are fully equipped and experienced in many different packing methods, including carton on pallet, loose carton, drop test, quarter pallet, half pallet, full pallet, display pallet, shelf pallet, stackable pallet, and many more.

The loading process will be recorded and photographed at every step and sent to you for every container in your order.


FOB is our regular selling (Free On Board – ship of your choice). However, we’ll still be working with your shipping agent to make sure that the entire process and documents are clear to go.

Invoicing and shipping process

Invoicing and shipping documents are arranged through the Vietnam Representative Office:

  1. The order is confirmed by the signature of both parties. In some cases, the order can be confirmed by email as agreed beforehand and LTC will send you with a confirmation and order details including items, quantity, specification, packing methods, terms and conditions, shipping plan, …
  2. A pre-shipment Pro-forma is then sent for your reconfirmation before shipment takes place.
  3. A Content as Packed Invoice will be emailed immediately after shipment. Full payment of the balance is now due based on our payment terms. Shipping documents are required to release the container at the destination promptly after sighting of payment. All invoices quote FOB prices and are in USD currency with add-on costs included or stated.

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